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Employment Trends

Predicting the future is hard, if not impossible. This quiz has been designed to help you become more aware of the future of work. We have based our questions on publicly available information from the works of McKinsey, Deloitte, World Economic Forum, Education Testing Services, Mercer, Harvard Business Review and Forbes. Upon completing the quiz we’ll provide a report comparing your answers with these reports and other respondents’ answers. 

Although no one can predict the future, we hope that you find our feedback helpful for you to be aware of the opportunities and changes that are happening. 

In this quiz: 

  • “Consulting work” refers to the work performed by individuals on a project or part-time basis for their specialist skills.  

  • “Employment” refers to work performed by individuals that are employed on a full-time basis by an employer. 

  • “Gig work” refer to the work performed by individuals that use an App to select and perform simple tasks. 

  • “Tours of Duty" refer to limited life contracts where the employee and employer agree expectations and the term of the agreement.